Must shaving foam be used?

2020-04-14 19:34:21 34

In daily life ,boys with hand razors will smear shaving foam before shaving, perhaps someone will have a question: usually work is more hurried, do not want to take too many things when travel , shaving must use shaving foam?


Here, we are going to talk about the razor head.In the case of the Hxarouse razor, in addition to the neatly arranged multiple blades, the head also has a guide fin that allows the hair to stand up, and a blue strip that, when dipped in water during shaving, secretes shea butter to lubricate the skin like shaving foam.


So in such occasional case, it is ok not to use shaving foam, as long as wet hand razor can also!

We all know that a manual razor is cleaner than an electric razor,Because the blade cutting direct contact with the skin of facial hair, but it also represents the blade has certain stimulation to the skin, for example, your skin is too dry this time, shaving is not only a hair-pulling sensation, but also prone to cutting, shaving foam is very important at this point, relying on the head of the shea butter extract is not enough.


Share with you the "unknown" role of shaving foam!

Clean the pore

You read that right,it has the effect of cleanser, Some fine shaving foam particles feel very small, deep into the pores directly to the bottom of the muscle, effectively clean greasy and dirt.

Lubricate the skin

Get a nice "face SPA" before shaving,can also play the role of lubricating the skin in shaving, reduce the direct friction between the blade and the face, smooth and comfortable shaving!

Now you know the answer?

Shaving foam does not have to be used. But! Under certain conditions,Still recommend to use!