The difference between a hand razor and an electric razor

2020-04-14 19:33:36 36

Hxarouse as a brand focused on the field of razors, the boss once said, "every man should have two Hxarouse razors.One hand razor in your home and one electric razor in your pocket.” Speaking of here, many people already know -Electric and manual have their own good


Today we tell you the difference between manual razor and electric razor


Shaving effect

First of all, manual and electric make a big difference in blades.A manual razor is a blade that touches the skin directly and is relatively clean,on the other hand, An electric razor shaves through a razor net. No matter how thin the net is, it must have a razor net thick beard (whether visible to the naked eye or not).So in essence, a manual razor is cleaner than an electric razor

Use feeling

Secondly, careful people will find that a better gift box for manual shaving not only has a replacement head, asphalt base, but also shaving foam, while electric razors often do not have this, why?Because the hand razor is a blade that directly touches the skin, if the skin is dry, it may cause the tension of shaving and discomfort after shaving, and shaving foam often plays a lubricating effect, making shaving more comfortable and more sense of ritual.On the other handelectric razors shave through a net, greatly reducing the chance of discomfort or even scratches.

The degree of the portable

From the above, it's clear that it's more portable to go out with your electric razor.Because if you're going to bring a hand razor then that means it's best to bring a shaving foam, whereas in some areas policy foam is not allowed on high-speed trains or airplanes.In addition, the electric razor is not limited to any place, as long as the charge is good, you can take it out anytime and anywhere to shave,It is very suitable for the man who needs to keep an eye on his face when he goes out.

So exquisite boys had better have two razors, a hand razor stay at home and shave clean, an electric portable size cabinet!

Ha ha ha ~ if there is a novice who doesn't know how to choose a razor, I have the cheek to push Hxarouse H300 series manual razor and SG199 electric razor.