The difference between single-blade and multi-blade

2020-04-14 19:34:46 46

Many people may not know the difference between the number of blades on a shaver, but some guests ask: what's the difference between 5-blade and 6-blade shaver.

Today we tell you the difference between a single blade and a multi-blade

As the name suggests, a single-blade is a layer of blades on top of the head, like the old fashioned razor blades;The multi-layer blade is more than one blade on the blade head, it is very common that 2,3,5 blades on the market, at the same time, the more blades also means the more product cost, after all, a good razor must see the blade head.


Why do some brands still choose multi-layer blade,even the cost of multi-layer blade is high?

That's because the comfort of the multilayer blade is closely related to the shaving effect.

In high school we all learned a formula P=F/S, in the case of the same force, the smaller the stressed area, the greater the pressure.This also applies to our single-layer and multi-layer blades. Single-layer blades will bring greater pressure to the skin during shaving, while the tight combination of multi-layer blades will increase the contact area with the skin, reduce the pressure, and achieve the effect of non-inductive shaving.


The blade of a hand razor comes into direct contact with the skin, causing more or less skin friction during shaving.Many men in order to achieve a good shaving effect, will also shave in the place that did not shave clean repeatedly, but after shaving can cause skin redness and swelling discomfort.The multi-layer blade can reduce the occurrence of this situation, effectively reduce the number of back scraping, so as to bring a comfortable shaving experience.


In addition, the multi-layer blade also has excellent efficient shaving effect. When shaving, the multi-layer blade is n times the single-layer blade effect, which can save time and effort while enjoying shaving.


Someone may also ask whether more razor blades is better

The answer of course is no.First of all, the area of the blade is limited (basically the middle width from the tip of the nose to the upper lip).If the blade more, the space between the blades is also less, will appear the phenomenon of clamping beard, so the blade is also impossible to more, basically 5,6 is very OK, so Hxarouse 5-layer blade razor is suitable for thick beard, and 6-layer blade is more suitable for soft beard.