Electric razor is it ok for wet shave

2020-04-14 19:32:43 57

Many boys like to use electric shaver directly in the shower when shaving, not only comfortable but also fast.

At this point, someone may have a question: is it ok of electric razor for wet shave?


At present, many electric razors in the market are waterproof structure, many details page mentioned that electric razors can be "wet shaving"!One is to provide "wet shaving" options, the other is "cleaning more convenient",do not worry about local not waterproof but also careful cleaning.


Today Hxarouse give you answer~is it ok of electric razor for wet shave?

If you apply shaving foam on a daily basis, there is no problem with wet shaving directly, because only the head part is cleaned.But if use electric razor when shower, be equivalent to whole machine immerses water, no matter much deep waterproof grade is , but long-term use can have corresponding effect to electric razor, cause service life to shorten, no matter much deep waterproof grade is. 


So a waterproof electric razor can occasionally be shaved wet, but be sure to air dry after use.of course look from service life respect  it is not recommended wet shave, because manual razor can replace the option of wet shave completely.