How to choose a cost-effective hand razor

2020-04-14 19:32:15 44

For the daily necessities of razor, men must have certain requirements for the comfort of its use.In addition to the portable  electric razor, a hand razor can shave clean is also the best choose of men!


So on the market numerous hand razor, up to a hundred pieces down to a dozen pieces, how to choose a cost-effective hand razor?

Today, Hxarouse shares a wave of picking the correct way to choose a hand razor~

We all know that a razor has a handle, a holder, a blade,if depend on external appearance level feel and brand effect to decide whether a hand razor is good or bad, it is more one-sided.


First of all, the most important thing about razor is the blade. It can be said that whether shaving is good or not depends entirely on the blade. On the choice of blade, we can pay attention to the following three points:

 Quality of blade

A good blade has the characteristics of strong toughness and low resistance. In addition to ensuring a smooth shave, it is also durable.

 Number and density of blades

A good balance between the number and the density of the blades is needed to ensure a good sense of use, not only a clean and comfortable shave, but also an effective reduction in the number of back scrapes to reduce the likelihood of skin discomfort

Blade design before and after contact with skin

A hand razor is a blade that directly touches the skin of the face, so some of the details of the blade tip, such as the guide fin and the essential oil lube strip, provide a great comfort level.Before the blade touches the skin, the guide fin combs the hair down to make it stand up, and the blade cuts through the roots to shave cleanly,And lube strip is to encounter water secrete elite fluid, moist stubble place, reduce the direct friction of blade and skin.

Combined with the above factors, if you choose the right blade, it can be said to have a more cost-effective hand razor