Complete manual shaving steps, do you get it?

2020-04-14 19:31:35 57

 While shaving is a small part of every man's daily routine, not all men know the proper manual shaving steps, especially adolescent boys who are new to shaving.

A complete set of manual shaving steps is necessary to not only make shaving more effective, but also turn the lengthy shaving process into a face SPA.


Today, xiao huan shares "five steps to shave" to GET you a complete shave.

 Step1Clean beard area

Remember to wash the razor and your hands before shaving, especially where the beard is.

 Step2Soften the beard with shaving foam

Apply shaving foam to the area of your beard, which not only cleans and lubricates the skin, but also softens the beard, reducing the irritation caused by the blade, and then you can shave directly.

 Step3shave from top to bottom

The direction of shaving should be along the direction of the growth of the beard from the top to down.Usually from the left and right sides of the upper cheek, the general rule is to start with the thinnest part of the beard, the thickest part at the end.

And general stubble thick friend certainly needs many times back to shave, here also suggest to shave first along the hair growth direction, local did not shave clean place again against the hair back to shave, this will shave more efficient.

Step4: Rinse off with warm water

After shaving, remember to wash clean with lukewarm water , pay attention to do not rub forcibly, Pat the area after scraping gently dry, At last can use a few gentle skin care product to moisten the skin.

Step5Replace blade regularly

After use, the razor blade should be washed clean, and placed in a ventilated place to dry, in order to avoid bacterial breeding.Also should change blade regularly in addition, because the blade becomes blunt, can increase the drag to beard, enhance the stimulation to the skin.


In fact, there are only five steps to daily shaving to make it seem more ritual~