Refresh season/Housewarming new home as a blessing

2020-04-14 19:35:22 52

In early June, Hxarouse technology also ushered in the "Housewarming", moved to a new home - Singapore science and technology park, located in hangzhou economic and technological development zone.

This "xiasha new town" is the only comprehensive park in China that integrates industry, university city, comprehensive insurance zone and cross-border comprehensive test zone. It has become a gateway for hangzhou to gather talents, scientific and technological resources and develop new and high-tech industries.

Looking back, the new home is a milestone for the company, which has been in existence for more than two years.And the company is expanding correspondingly.These achievements cannot be separated from the support and help of partners, the long-term care and trust of new and old customers, and the hard work of Hxarouse members.Here,Hxarouse technology sincerely thank you for your hard work.

Finally, we welcome all the industry leaders, industry colleagues and new and old customers to visit our new office building for exchange, cooperation and common development.